TRU COLORS-Art Exhibit: A Visual Experience on Contemporary Philippine Realities, Vargas Museum

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Cory’s Yellow. Erap’s Orange . Political Butterflies. Hunyango. Sanctimonious White. Dark Evil. Military Camouflage. Greenbacks and Subprime Stocks. Militant Red. Brown Rice. Shades of Opinion. Climate Change. Mood Swings.

What gives? This art exhibit seeks to portray the varied hues of current socio-cultural values spawned by the impact of neoliberal waves upon a receding land of crisis, corruption, and decay – and an embattled people.

If art is a representation of politics, then this exhibit mirrors what the Old Vatican once described as “the poor, deprived and oppressed.” The common Tao – laborer, OFW, the army of unemployed, the wretched of the earth – upon whose prism passes the TRU-COLORS of Philippine realities.

True colors. Through colors. See it as recreated in form and media by 20 artists of noted substance and continuing relevance.

Better yet, add your color to this event.

Concept of the exhibit: It has been the tradition of the social realist artists to mount an exhibit every year that falls under the month of May to commemorate Labor Day. This is one way of paying tribute to the workers' movement in the Philippines that shape and form part of our history and its contemporary challenges in the socio-cultural and political aspects of society.

This year proposed exhibit will highlight the different shades of colors that characterizes class stratification in the Philippine society. TRU-COLORS is one way of translating the various layers of colors that evoke the harmony and contrast – the primary and the secondary – which are basically the basic contradictions of society. Color characteristics like hot and the cool, the vibrant and the drab, speak of common traits and temperaments among us.

As in the use of colors, in order to come up with a good scheme there must be dominance without which there would be failure in placing harmoniously the different contrasting colors. The unity of which is in the good contrast and harmony of colors. In othere words, there must be opposing or contrasting colors, one of which must be dominate in order to achieve harmony. This is the irony of good color scheme.

TRU-COLORS would mean the variegated political stands of major players who continue to dominate the political landscape of our society.

Date and Venue of the Exhibit: 6th 5pm of May, until June 14, 2008 at the Vargas Museum , UP Diliman, Quezon City

Participating in the exhibit are Antipas Delotavo, Federico Dominguez, Neil Doloricon, Jose Tence Ruiz, Renato Habulan, Manny Garibay, Pablo Baens Santos, Ed Manalo (kilala ko ito!), Aga Francisco, Carlos “Totong" Francisco Jr. Chitoy Zapata, Arturo Sanches Jr., Michael de Guzman, Iggy Rodriguez, Addrein Silanga, Medeo Cruz, Jason Valenzuela
(ito rin!), and Le-anne Jazul. - courtesy of GMANews.TV

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