Bakit ayaw natin kay Gloria?

Bakit babagsak sa Physics si GMA?
Dahil ang RELATIVITY sa kanya ay
ilagay si FG at Mikee sa pwesto.

Why won't GMA make a good chemist?
She does not know any SOLUTIONS, only
a lot of corruption.

Why is GMA pretending to be a
She is only good at finding FAULTS.

Why will GMA fail in mining engg?
Because she has underMINED the
people's trust.

Why will GMA fail in mechanical
Because we will not allow her to SCREW
us forever.

Why will Gloria fail in civil
Because her heart is really in EVIL

Bakit hindi pwedeng geodetic engineer
si GMA?
Dahil sa umpisa pa lang, mali na ang

Why will GMA fail in electrical
Because she SHORT CIRCUITS the
people's interest.

How does mathematicians see GMA?
1+1+1+1+1+1. ... a non-terminating
SERIES of corruption and lies.

Please pass.

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Scientists for Truth, Scientists for Change

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