Sometimes it surprises me how he catches the most inane, half-baked comment I make. When we had dinner the other night, I was telling him that I do not want to become a journalist working for a mainstream company. I expected this announcement to be greeted with astonishment, because it is a big step for me. And hell, a big career risk, since a big avenue for career development has been blocked.

And he was like, "Oo nga, sinabi mo na yan noon." (Yeah, you already told me that ages ago.)

And I was shocked, not because of my ability to be consistent, but that he retained in his memory what a naive girl had said regarding the media industry. I had already forgotten that I had already made that statement, but when he reminded me that I had already told him of my career plans, I suddenly remembered why I had made that statement months ago, several months short of graduation.

So he listens to me. He actually does. Maybe not always the way I want him to listen, but the way he is capable of doing so. More importantly, he listens when I need him to.


Beautiful Machine said...

oo nga pala i suppose magaling na si charles kasi nagdidinner na kayo? :-)

--baka nagkakasalisi lang tayo sa YM--

etsapwera said...

Matagal na siya magaling. ;p Medyo may curfew nga lang ata siya. Hehe.

Lagi ako online. What time ka ba dyan nago-online?