It's one of those days again

Big news: I am restless yet again. Same people. Same topics. Same routine everyday. Same issues. Same posts. Everything is suspiciously the same, and yet I still sleep late. I keep on hoping something out of the ordinary will happen while I'm awake in the wee hours of the morning. But it never does.

I have an inkling on what I should do to appease this anxiety. But is it really the answer? Will I really stop being restless if I do follow through with that plan?

How about the people I'll leave behind? Are they ready?

How about my tasks? Will they be accomplished without me?

Am I ready? With all my insecurities, I doubt if I am. But, this is a step (albeit a large one) towards the resolution of those issues. If I do push through with this, I can finally leave my issues way behind. I've always been cautious of resolving my issues. I used to think that if I had no issues, I would not be able to write anymore. Well, I've long made the decision that I will give everything up for a worthy cause, even writing. And this is it.

In the meantime, while gripped by my bourgeois tendency to vacillate, I shall make a new layout for this blog.

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