Alumni card

I am currently hesitating to claim my alumni card from St. Paul University Quezon City. I just don't see the point of bearing any kind of alumni card from your alma mater. I don't believe in school spirit anyway.

I may be cynical, but I don't think schools turn us into functional human beings. I think we are mainly responsible for this. And if we do lend ourselves to our school's process of shaping us, and we imbibe the values given to us (or pounded into us, whichever system your school is into), it's because we want to be transformed. Therefore, no matter how good a school is, if you do not want to be changed, its PAASCU or ISO rating is nothing.

Besides, what's a school compared to the whole world? I'd rather display an alumni card stating I was a student of the history of changing societies. Then again, I'd always rather be a student in this kind of school than an alumni. :)

To be continued.

"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education." -Mark Twain

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