It's not just PMS

Don't try to make me feel better by saying "It's PMS." It's not. I'm not acting like a raving lunatic because of hormones. My behavior may be erratic, and it may cross the thin line between crazy and normal, but my feelings are real. I am ranting because I am angry (or annoyed or fed up). So don't try to dilute my feelings by saying it's all because of hormones going wacko. It's insulting. It's like saying I don't really mean what I say (or feel) because I'm not really myself. Of course I mean what I say (and feel)! Where do you get off?

I have real issues. The government. The system. The education (slash brainwashing) the youth today get. The HSA. Poverty. Harassment (sexual or otherwise). Opportunities. Relationships. Double standards regarding women and men. Supposedly enlightened individuals who cannot see beyond your class origin. And everything else semi-colonial and semi-feudal we are trying to change. I feel the same whether my hormones are at their normal levels or not. It's just that (probably) I'm less tolerant of these things when I'm PMS-ing. Hell, I've been expected to accept these unfair conditions for more than 21 years; would it surprise you if I went "crazy" once every month?

So take these issues seriously. Take me seriously. Don't say, "I understand, it's PMS." It's not. Just say, "I understand." Period (no pun intended). It would help though if you also said, "I'm with you as we all work for a better, just, and enlightened society."

Or else, just fuck off.

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