Anak ng Bayan

"Inay, itay ako po ay lilisan
Patutunguhan ko ay isang digmaan
Mag-aalay ako ng panahon at buhay
Para sa kalayaan..." -Anak ng Bayan

How do you tell your parents that you are going to a place they specifically told you never, ever to visit? How do you tell them that the reason you're going there is because you are now the person they have always forbidden you to be?

How do you tell them that the bourgeios education they gave you was not enough? That it was never enough? That all the years spent in private, Catholic (and expensive) institutions did not deter you from pursuing this path? That it, in fact, urged you more to act for change? That instead of shielding you from harrowing experiences (as they thought these schools would do), it instead exposed you to injustice and oppression?

My answer? You don't. At least, not yet.

I'll bide my time.