What's up with Makati?

Got lost in Makati today. Again. What's up with that city? I can say that I'm sort of spatially-gifted, but I always get lost when I'm in Makati.

Rewind. I had to get to Makati because of a meeting regarding the class suit against FG. Work-related. Anyway, I got there easy enough. I rode the MRT, then went down at the Buendia station. Unexpectedly, the jeep terminal I had to find is exactly where it is supposed to be: beside the gasoline station. Haha, I know it sounds funny (as in weird), but I already have this notion never to trust directions given to me: especially those pertaining on how to get to some place in Makati.

So anyway, I got into a jeep, and then I got off at Mapua (where Kuya Nonoy and I decided to meet up because Mapua's too large to miss). And because I had to be adventurous (and because Kuya Nonoy was late, haha), I decided to explore the whole block (which was occupied by Mapua). I reasoned that it's impossible for me to get lost, because I just had to keep turning left to get back where I started. It's what I learned from exploring the other cities (namely Manila and Quezon city). Something like this:

So there. I just had to follow my mental map of that block.

So I turned left. And then left again. And kept walking straight ahead. When I walked past all of Mapua's streamers (announcing new board passers), I realized that I should turn left at the next corner. So I kept on walking.

But when I reached the point where I estimated the next corner ought to be, it wasn't there. WTF?, I thought. Thinking that there had to be a logical reason, I simply assumed that I estimated wrong. No problem. I just had to turn left at the next corner.

So I kept walking, even seeing a dead dog inside a plastic bag in a trash pile. The dog was too large for the bag (think your usual askal inside a regular-sized plastic bag), so passersby can see flies on its jaw and eyes. And it smelled really horrible, like a dead rat. It really made an impression on me, as it was my first time to see a dead dog intact (as in not run over by a vehicle, etc). And I really did not think I'd see one in Makati, of all places. I kept thinking I should have taken a picture of it, but it was too gross. Really gross.

I kept walking. My mental map began to change into:

I began doubting that Makati was like the other cities I have explored. That is, it has its own laws regarding the spatial order of its streets and buildings.

Later on, when I passed by Rustan's (near the Ayala MRT station--- yikes!), I sent Kuya Nonoy a text message, saying that I was lost:

Trina: Di po ata sumusunod sa laws of physics ang mga kalsada ng Makati.
Kuya Nonoy: Haha! Binili na rin ata nila pati yun.

It sounded the right thing at that time, although when I thought about it a few minutes later, it didn't make sense. Which law was I actually referring to? Makati had me all mixed up, even science can't find the right explanation for the phenomena I was experiencing. And by this time, I have already given up making mental maps of Makati. That's what road maps are for, anyway.

I should have thought of taking off my clothes and wearing them inside-out for all the good that would have done. Haha.

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