Napapanahon pa rin naman

Alam kong napakatagal na nito. Ngunit patuloy pa ring nakikibaka ang mga manggagawa ng Nestle Philippines. Kaya, kung tutuusin, ang post na ito ay napapanahon pa rin. Mula ito sa blog ni Ate Len:

Boycott Nestle products!

In the Philippines, Nestlé is among the country’s Top 10 Corporations. Its products are No. 1 or strong No. 2 brands in their various categories.

The Nestlé logo of a mother feeding her young, snuggled warmly in a nest, illustrates the company's mission to provide good food at the various stages of human life. It also speaks of the Nestlé work culture of nurturing support and encouragement, of teamwork and cooperation. Nestlé does not only look after the employee, it also looks after the welfare of his family. (www.nestle.com.ph)

Diosdado ‘Ka Fort’ Fortuna was killed Sept. 22. He was the president of the union of workers in Nestle-Cabuyao. On his way home, two men riding in a motorcycle shot him twice at the back.

The union has been on strike since 2002. The management refuses to give workers retirement benefits through a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) despite a Supreme Court decision in favor of the union.

There have been a series of violent dispersals in the picket line and continuous harassment of union leaders. At least ten striking workers have already died due to poverty and illnesses.

Ka Fort had worked in Nestle since 1976. He was the second Nestle union president killed. In 1987, Meliton Roxas was shot in front of the picket line, also in Cabuyao.

Who had the motive to kill Ka Fort?

So when you see Maggi, Nestea, KitKat, Nescafe, Milo and other Nestle products, think of Ka Fort. Think of the striking workers of Nestle. Boycott these products. It is just a small, concrete way to fight a multinational. It’s just a small, concrete way to fight injustice. Ask others to do the same. Repost this in your blog, bulletin board, email groups. The Nestle company has full control of the mainstream media. The big fu---ng Nestle company took a life and is still taking other people’s lives. We only want to take a little from their filthy profit.

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